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The Destin Vein Center has been voted the “Best Vein Center” on the Emerald Coast every year for the last 4 years. The survey is conducted every year by the Northwest Florida Daily News which serves over 30,000 subscribers.

His attention to detail along with his ability to minimize discomfort makes him the best provider and the best value for total vein care on the Emerald Coast. Northwest Florida Daily News

Healthy Veins for a Healthy Life

Healthy veins aren’t simply a cosmetic issue, but an essential part of your overall well being.
No matter what stage you are at in your life—whether you’re planning a pregnancy or playing
with your great grandkids—knowing the symptoms and risk factors for vein conditions
can help you stay healthy, happy, and on the move for years to come.

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Get a Leg Up on Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

If you’re concerned about vein health, you’re not alone. Did you know 300,000 people in the U.S. die of blood clots every year? When some vein disorders go untreated, they can be deadly. If you suffer from problems related to varicose (large veins) and spider veins (small veins), you are not alone. It is estimated that more than 80 million Americans suffer from some form of venous disorder.

Dr. Richard J. Grisoli, a board certified phlebologist, utilizes both laser treatment, as well as injections (sclerotherapy), in the treatment of leg, breast, buttock, hand and facial veins. Each has a specific application and while some people seek treatment for cosmetic improvement, many seek relief from pain. Help is available for both.

PBS Special: Vein Health – Discoveries, New Technologies & Breakthroughs

The American College of Phlebology and PBS present Dr. Helane Fronek as she leads a public forum identifying the most significant discoveries in vein health, and the technological breakthroughs that have revolutionized patient care. Learn from two panel of phlebologists that include a general surgeon, an interventional radiologist, a dermatologist, a vascular surgeon and a vascular medicine specialist, as they take audience questions and outline specific treatment options. From recognizing the signs and symptoms of venous disease in its earliest stages, to knowing the advantages of ultrasound screenings, sclerotherapy injection treatments and minimally invasive phlebectomy procedures, the nation’s top phlebologists give practical advice for improving quality of life.