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15 Minute Consultation

We offer free consultations for new patients who want to be evaluated. This is a great chance for you to meet us and for us to make suggestions as to what treatment plan is most appropriate. There is no obligation to be treated. .

Cosmetic Problems

Insurance will not pay for cosmetic leg treatments. Insurance considers cosmetic problems as those which are not medically necessary. Treatment costs $330 for a 30 minute session of sclerotherapy. Some people only need one session. Extensive involvement may require 2-3 sessions. The Destin Vein Center will provide you with the best value in vein therapy. When you compare safety and effectiveness, we offer the most affordable vein treatments in the Florida Panhandle

Medically Necessary Treatment

When leg veins are associated with valvular incompetence and cause pain, swelling, inflammation or ulcer formation, insurance companies will cover such a condition. Many require a trial of compression hose and documented failure of conservative treatment before they will authorize and pay for treatment. We will provide information to your insurance company that is “evidence based” to help you when your condition has been determined to be medically necessary. Results of ultrasound reports demonstrating reflux, vein diameters, and photographs are often necessary as evidence of a medical problem.