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Steps to Treatment

All medical procedures have some risk of complications or undesirable effects. Please read this area of our website to be fully informed.

Step 1

Contact the Destin Vein Center at (850) 654-5222 or toll free (866) 701-7088 to schedule a 15 minute complimentary consultation with Dr. Grisoli. By Dr. Grisoli’s request, you will be asked for a convenient time at which his assistant can call you.

Step 2

Expect a phone call, at your convenience, by Dr. Grisoli’s assistant prior to your consult to answer any questions you may have. At your consult you will be given a pair of disposable shorts so that you can demonstrate to Dr. Grisoli your areas of concern. An examination of your legs will be performed by Dr. Grisoli at this time.

Step 3

At your consult you will be given a treatment plan which addresses both medical and cosmetic concerns depending on your particular needs.

Sclerotherapy is the best method of treatment of spider and uncomplicated bulging veins. Your treatment will involve injection of a solution directly into the problematic veins. The tiny spider veins as well as some of the larger ‘bulging’ veins are treated in this way.

We want you to be comfortable during your treatment so several options of pain control will be discussed at this time:

Most patients opt to take whatever medications they would normally take for headache pain one hour prior to having their legs treated. The level of pain control is normally adequate for a comfortable experience. Other patients have difficulty with any procedure involving needles. Often this is related to traumatic experiences in the past. If you have this problem discuss it with Dr. Grisoli and he will give you a prescription that addresses both discomfort and anxiety. You will be able to easily tolerate your treatment with this method. The third option is to take no medication at all.

The procedure will likely involve multiple tiny ‘needle-sticks’. The needle is the smallest one made and the solution does not burn or sting. You should have no discomfort after the procedure and should need no further medication.

Step 4

Dr. Grisoli will treat the front and back of both legs. Your appointment should last 30 minutes. Upon completion of the sclerotherapy you will put on light support hose, dress in your regular clothes and resume your normal day’s activities. We offer either pantyhose or thigh-high hose in nude or black. If you have not taken the prescription medication you may go back to work. It is not necessary or desirable to recline or elevate your legs on this day.

Step 5

For the next week, you will wear the light support hose during the day. You may take them off to sleep at night. To maximize the benefit of your procedure we suggest that you not submerge your legs in hot water (bathtub or hot tub) or vigorously exercise them for one week. Normal showers are acceptable and so are upper body workouts. Upper body workouts designed for cardio-conditioning are also perfectly acceptable.

Step 6

To completely clear your legs of spider and varicose veins may take 2-3 treatments depending on your response to the solution used and your desired level of perfection. You must wait three weeks between treatments when scheduling your procedures. During this time some veins will completely disappear and some will partially disappear. Subsequent treatments will involve re-injecting veins that only partially disappeared (resistant veins) and those we were unable to address in prior treatments. There is a medically safe limit on how much solution you can receive in one treatment, and we will always stay within that limit. Our experience has shown that this safe, conservative approach gives the best possible outcome.

Step 7

Your vein treatment is completed to your satisfaction. Enjoy your new look!

You will not get these veins back, but if you are genetically predisposed to forming spider and varicose veins, over time you may develop new ones. Our patients return as needed. Some patients return yearly, others may find they can go several years without feeling the need to return.